The Launch Festival downtown Prov RI | Sat April 26th!  #dskchk
My debut track, “Humpty Dance” off my “Tech Hop EP” will be releasing this Sunday! Listen to it on my soundcloud in descript! #dskchk
I’m collecting my Kandi! Thanks everyone for making em. Keep em coming! #dskchk
Ghost producers be like, “hold on lemme finish this other djs track.”
South Florida peeps representin! Hello #Miami! #dskchk
My Indy track; Dust And Bones is up on #Hypem! Go grab your FREE copy on my FB Page or Soundcloud! Link in IG Descript!
Hahaha!!! 😂😂😂
This guy Dave Manning I met on GCLA gave me this amazing Sunrise custom mask! Oh and his DJ friend DJ 2 Cute! #dskchk #groovecruise
Sat March 29th I’ll be doing a set at No Sugar Added Festival. #nsa #dskchk #wmc #mmw
Pretty much sums me up lol.  DSK CAT
TUES April 1st I return to Shrine!!! #dskchk
Lol @groovecruise probz. #dskchk #meme
NEW JERSEY!!! I can’t wait to devastate @gamechangerworld! #dskchk
Beatboxing on 2 microphones. Cause 2 is always better then 1! #dskchk